About Idea Green

“80-gram Paper for Better Environment”

Idea Green defines a new concept of office paper. It combines ultimate performance properties with ecological values. Made from EcoFiber and farmed-tree pulp through SCG Packaging Green Process, it uses 50% less farmed-trees than ordinary paper. Still, it also offers high whiteness and premium quality.

EcoFiber is high-quality environmental-friendly fiber obtained from used materials. With effective sorting, good management and comprehensive control system, EcoFiber distinctively delivers high quality performance while preserving the environment.

Wrapper is made from environmental-friendly paper with EcoFiber 50%, for a better environment.

Think before you choose, Think for a better environment.

Idea Green is available in size A3, A4 and F14 at B2S, BeTrend, Big C, Makro, Office Depot, Office Mate, Tesco Lotus and stationery shops nationwide.